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Why telemarketing these days?


Is telephone business development still effective today? Are there still companies that find customers by staying on the phone all day? Isn’t this an old-fashioned sales technique? 92% of B2B customer interactions happen… on the phone (source: Salesforces). And they don’t just happen during the purchase phase, but throughout the sales funnel, from consideration to … Continue reading “Why telemarketing these days?”

Telemarketing Prices


This is a question that is often asked by our potential clients: how many appointments will you guarantee per 60-hour campaign? At Direct B2B Telemarketing, we do not guarantee a specific number of appointments, or even an estimate. We prefer to guarantee excellent, well-documented and transparent work by putting you in touch with potential customers … Continue reading “Telemarketing Prices”

Telemarketing Strategy


For companies that sell their products and services to other companies, cold calling remains one of the most effective levers for developing visibility and generating interest among target customers to increase sales. 68% of B2B sales involve some form of social interaction, such as telemarketing. Moreover, prospects respond better to well thought-out human interaction than … Continue reading “Telemarketing Strategy”