Pilot Project



Challenge us and see the results!

A pilot project is the ideal turnkey solution to test your market and
see what Direct B2B can do for you!


How does a pilot project work?

The project starts with a strategic planning meeting, the establishment of the approach strategy and the telephone sales pitch, as well as the preparation of a target list based on criteria established together. This is followed by approval and training of our campaign resources. Once this is complete, call production begins.

Call production involves several strategic steps that will identify the right decision maker within the company, create contact with them, provide them with the necessary information so that they ultimately accept an appointment, which will be a well qualified appointment.

Each call is recorded and summaries of interesting calls are sent to you with the regular reports. This method guarantees complete transparency.

A pilot project includes 60 hours of call production, usually carried out within a period of 4 to 6 weeks. This minimum period is necessary to produce results and allow you to appreciate them.


A tailor-made campaign

By analyzing the results of the pilot project, we can then work together to develop a campaign that is exactly tailored to your company’s business development needs.  This means that we take into account your availability for meetings, and adapt the intensity of the campaign according to your budget, the seasonality of your offer and the receptivity period of the target market.  Instead of a fixed number of hours per week, we orchestrate a regular campaign with variable intensity for maximum results: your agenda is thus filled exactly according to your needs for new, well-qualified appointments.

Satisfaction guarantee

If for any reason you change your mind, we offer the possibility to stop the pilot project after 30 hours, without any penalty; you will only have to pay for the set-up time and the 30 hours of call production.

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