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Approach your target market efficiently!

Direct B2B has developed a proven method to effectively approach your target market by clearly identifying your offer, your needs and your profile.

Your assigned virtual business development manager is trained to understand your brand, your objectives and your target group.  This person becomes an extension of your sales team and can proudly represent your company.

  • Professional way to develop your business
    The Direct B2B team does not make any pressure calls.  Discussions with targeted clients are always polite, courteous and full of smiles. Our resources are trained to be great listeners and have a sharp analytical mind.  When an appointment is concluded, it is because a real interest has been detected in the potential client. Our business-to-business (B2B) canvassing service consists of making contact with your targeted clientele on an ongoing basis, presenting your services on your behalf and scheduling meetings with interested prospects at the times of your choosing.
  • Development of a quality prospect list
    We prepare for you a list of quality prospects, targeted according to your business criteria to match your needs.
  • Customized CRM tools and management
    Every action, every call or email is recorded in a CRM that you can access at any time. Total transparency!
  • B2B experts and pitches that stand out
    Our experts know how to get decision-makers to listen, and their telephone pitches will engage your audience. They understand and take ownership of the strategy and have proven listening skills that foster a genuine exchange and successful leads. In short, by doing business with us, you have access to a solid sales team that is French and/or English speaking, depending on your needs, trained, available, courteous and professional.

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