Our advantages



Since 2005, Direct B2B Telemarketing has been developing and implementing high-quality B2B telephone prospecting campaigns. In our opinion, a campaign can only be successful if it is :

  • Well thought-out (personalised and well thought-out telephone sales pitch following a strategic meeting, approved by the client)
  • Well targeted (high quality list precisely targeted according to the selection criteria established during a strategic meeting, approved by the client)
  • Well executed (experienced resources well trained on the campaign and able to create links with decision-makers via a professional approach with tact, diplomacy and a good dose of psychology).


Here are the advantages of doing business with Direct B2B Telemarketing:

A well thought-out implementation:

We take great care in analysing the needs of our clients to set up a personalised campaign that supports our clients on a strategic level in an optimal way. An approach strategy, the telephone sales pitch and the list of companies to be contacted will be approved by our client and become their property. The structure of our telephone pitches promotes the setting of well qualified appointments.

High quality lists:

Our large in-house database, supported by a network of list providers, allows us to generate high quality lists and thus significantly reduce the time wasted on bad contacts.

High flexibility:

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a few hours and 150 hours or more per month, so you have access to a flexible team of specialist resources. This means that you put the effort in at the right time, an extremely important factor in business development.

Dedicated campaign resources:

Good training and resources that will stay on throughout the campaign ensure a good learning curve as well as close and effective communication.

Regular reporting and transparency:

Regular call summary reports ensure that our clients are always aware of the progress of the campaign. After an APPOINTMENT has been made, our client is informed by email. In addition, an agenda for the client is also updated within minutes. Of course, the enriched database becomes the property of our client and is transmitted to him at the end of the campaign.

Good references :

Our expertise is verifiable via the references we have accumulated over the past years.


A pilot project with Direct B2B Telemarketing gives you the chance to test our approach with a relatively small investment. We will do our utmost to increase the chances that the pilot project will be a success and thus obtain a satisfied customer in the long term.