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Increase the size and quality of your LinkedIn network and grow your business!

Present on LinkedIn? It is not enough to publish to be seen by those you want to reach. Be visible to more potential customers when you post and get qualified networking appointments with Direct B2B.

LinkedIn offers a potential market that, if well managed, can be a real source of income. Direct B2B helps you to increase your network of targeted business decision-makers.

Talk to the decision makers of the companies you are targetting

Our intervention begins with the development of a strategy to increase your LinkedIn network with the decision-makers of the targeted companies. We help to set up a first campaign in order to obtain virtual networking appointments. You can get to know each other, listen to needs and propose your solutions.

We offer a free consultation to 

– give you free access for one month to our LinkedIn prospecting tool

– guide you through a basic understanding of how a LinkedIn prospecting campaign works allowing you to increase your effectiveness from day one

– find out about our turnkey formula: Setting up a first campaign, training on campaign management, follow-ups and adjustments for 2 months.

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Combine two approaches and reach your business goals faster

The LinkedIn prospecting approach can be done alone or combined with business-to-business (B2B) telephone prospecting, which offers a virtual sales team to help you close business. The former is aimed more at the volume of potential customers (up to 30 times more contacts via LinkedIn than with telephone prospecting), while the latter is aimed at the actual sale. Optimal results are obtained by combining these two approaches.