Case Study Abell

Interview with Jaime Valencia, Director of Operations at Abell – Quebec Division

Abell Pest Management is a Canadian family business dedicated to providing effective, professional and courteous pest control services.

Since the establishment of the first office in 1924, Abell now has several branches across Canada and the United States, with over 250 employees. Abell is the largest pest control company in Canada, serving 55,000 customers across the country.

A commercial market doubled!

In 2010, Valencia was looking to reinvigorate his sales force and increase opportunities to meet with customers. “We had left out the direct prospecting of the commercial market and relied mainly on paper advertising to promote ourselves. Indeed, the “cold call” approach is often the unloved task, and for good reason! Categorical refusals, unnecessary mileage, wrong decision-makers, incomplete and/or wrong contact details, etc. By implementing a professional prospecting campaign with B2B Direct Marketing, Abell has been able to double its sales market since 2010 and develop the food and freight sector in a very interesting way. Valencia says that his team has rediscovered the pleasure of introducing themselves to companies because, with well-prepared appointments, their resources are warmly welcomed. Without being instantaneous, the business relationship is clearly fostered by this personalised approach. “Many prospects say they have accepted the appointment because of the relationship created over the phone with Abell’s dedicated B2B direct marketing resources.

Direct marketing: mission accomplished

According to Valencia, the added value of business-to-business direct telemarketing is the direct marketing, the information that immediately follows the discussion and the feedback from prospects as a result of these efforts. “It’s not uncommon,” he says, “for a prospect who said they were already served or not interested to contact us after we’ve sent them information via email. “An email launched without preliminaries will remain unread, uninteresting. An email that follows up on an established contact will be received, retained and have a positive impact in the long term, which is one of the aspects I particularly enjoy about working in B2B direct telemarketing.”

A team effort

In short, mission accomplished! In addition to stimulating his sales team and giving them back the pleasure of meeting customers, Abell and Direct B2B Telemarketing remain partners and accomplices in the development of new targets and markets.

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