PH+T Digital Case Study

Interview with Hugo Poirier, Head of Strategy at PH+T Digital, and Olaf Knigge, President at Direct B2B.

Following several collaborative projects, PH+T Digital approached DirectB2B to carry out a telephone prospecting campaign for the real estate sector.

Exceptional preparation

PH+T Digital has set up a data collection platform to interest real estate sellers. The project consists of capturing their data in exchange for an evaluation of the value of their property. A large digital marketing budget has been allocated to drive traffic to the platform; this data is of great interest to real estate brokers looking for new listings.

For the cold calling campaign, contact information for 13,000 real estate brokers in Quebec, including email addresses and telephone and/or mobile phone numbers, was collected through automated web search strategies. Olaf Knigge, founder of Direct B2B, was impressed: “The data obtained through automated web search is of excellent quality and allows us to be effective from day one of the campaign.

Efficient implementation and fast results

The implementation of the campaign, including the creation of the sales pitch and the technical set-up with a well-programmed CRM, was completed in less than a week. The first calls quickly confirmed the approach: appointments were obtained after just 2 days of production.

Hugo Poirier, Head of Strategy at PH+T Digital, adds: “Our objective was to sign 3 brokers in this project validation phase. Our goal was reached quickly and with a small budget of only 40 hours of prospecting. It is possible to sign several more in the coming weeks. This phase was a success, and from mid-August we will relaunch the campaign continuously to reach a larger number of brokers in the autumn of 2021.


In conclusion, this campaign proves that the integration of automated data collection, digital marketing and cold calling strategies yields excellent results.

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