Case Study Solutia Management

This case study is based on an interview with René Daigle, CMA, founding president.
In 2008, a new cutting-edge consulting company was born, composed of a team of senior consultants and the most experienced partners. SolutiA Management offers a range of sustainable strategic and operational coaching services, developed according to the best practices of production and business management, allowing companies to maximize their competitive positioning, to enhance their human resources and to optimize their overall operations.

René Daigle, founding president, is a leading expert in the field. A professional with 30 years of experience to his credit, he is a pioneer who has developed leading-edge expertise in continuous improvement, the Toyota system and business strategies. Over the years, SolutiA Management’s consultants and partners have served more than 500 companies and successfully completed more than 2500 mandates. SolutiA Management’s personalized approach aims at ensuring that its clients are well informed so that they do not doubt the depth of its support and that their needs are definitely met successfully. René Daigle advocates a step-by-step approach and direct contact with prospects.

Plan B: First in line

SolutiA Management had a relationship with another appointment setting company that delivered neither the quantity of appointments nor the quality of the first meeting with the prospect. The rate of postponed or cancelled appointments led me to consider a plan B. I lost 4 months, or more than a quarter, in this deployment plan. I wanted to analyse the quality of the B2B direct telemarketing and compare it with the firm I had hired. The results were positive, as the quality of appointments and the speed of appointments increased rapidly with the arrival of Direct B2B Telemarketing.

Direct access to the target market

The mandate given to Direct B2B Telemarketing in this campaign is to identify the decision-makers of the target companies. It is then a matter of creating a direct link with the potential clients by introducing them to the expertise and services offered by SolutiA Management and by stimulating their interest in the opportunities and advantages of a meeting. “Telephone prospecting is time consuming and energy consuming. Making this type of call requires a very precise technique and professionalism that I appreciate at Direct B2B Telemarketing. During appointments, I have had positive feedback from prospects regarding the professionalism and quality of the conversations they have had with the account managers dedicated to my appointment setting campaign.”

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