Examples of the Best Cold Call Scripts

10 tips for the best cold call script!

Establishing a good call script is a key study in the implementation of an outbound telemarketing strategy.

Here are some tips for developing the best cold call script:

Be clear about your call script

An effective call script is organized in 3 sequences and 6 key steps:

Opening the call

These are the first moments of the call. This sequence usually lasts less than 2 minutes.

The call opening consists of 3 steps:

  1. Arousing curiosity: a step in which you introduce yourself and explain why you are calling.
  2. Provide context: Introduce the company you represent and its products/services
  3. Ask for permission to continue the call

Tip: Prepare and test several openings so you know quickly which one is the most effective.

Customer qualification:

This sequence consists of a single step which is to ask open-ended questions to understand who you are dealing with, what their needs are and what potential opportunities exist.

The closing

Pitches your product/service or a customer meeting that will help you understand the solutions to your potential customer’s problem. Try to get the customer’s commitment and be ready to argue.

Next steps

On the call, clearly identify what you are going to do for the customer. This step is the very purpose of your sales script. It should be very concrete for you and the customer.

Send an email

In order to prepare the potential client for the next steps, it is recommended that you send an email thanking them for their time and stating what the next steps are between you and the client.

Keep in mind what makes a good call

When you speak on the phone, you should sound relaxed and clear. You should also sound confident so that the person feels comfortable. You should also make sure your voice is at the right speed – not too fast and not too slow. Remember that your voice is the only thing the other person can rely on, so use it wisely. When you call someone, be friendly. Smile, because your smile is felt on the phone. Make sure they are available to talk to you. If they are not, offer to call them back later.

Why use a sales script?

The purpose of having a call script is to make it easier for your team to communicate with potential buyers. Having a defined script will ensure that everyone is sending the same type of message and will help reps find their sales pitch style and be effective more quickly.

The goal is not to have a strict, 100% predefined pitch, but rather to have a clearly defined framework that the sales rep will adjust according to his or her style and the reality on the ground.

You want to establish a call script and test it through a pilot project, don’t wait, contact us now!