Is hiring a salesperson an optimal choice for SMEs?

Having a business requires making sales. For an SME, this role often falls to the president, who acts as the sole (or at least the main) salesperson. Most of the time, there is no real sales team in place. The problem is not the skills of the leader to talk about his product or service: it is his time. He wears so many hats that he cannot concentrate fully on prospecting. Do you see yourself in this situation?

There are several solutions available to SMEs. The first reflex is to recruit an employee (a salesperson or a sales manager). This involves several risks. This article will help you consider outsourcing business development to an external sales manager rather than hiring an employee. — B2B prospecting specialist ?


Hiring a salesperson: what’s involved?

Hiring a salesperson, as we mentioned, is the first thought of any business manager who wants to delegate some of their tasks. “I need more sales? I’ll hire someone!”. Obviously, the labour shortage doesn’t make the search any easier. But that’s not all. Hiring also involves several risks.

Welcoming and training a new employee takes time and money. The process is time consuming and energy consuming. How many candidates will you have to interview? Will you find one that meets your expectations to represent your company?

By the time you choose the person you feel is competent, the results are not guaranteed. Not to mention the risk of resigning at any time for another job. Competition is fierce these days, it’s a real issue in the industry.

What if the solution was to use an external sales manager?


The benefits of choosing an external sales manager

Companies that specialize in proactive B2B business development, such as Direct B2B, are a logical choice when you want to increase your company’s sales. Here are a few advantages.

The process is well established

As business development specialists, we have a process in place for proactive and organized prospecting. During a strategic meeting with the manager, we gather all the necessary information to build a telephone sales pitch that puts forward the elements that arouse the prospect’s interest and leads him to consider our client’s offer. A precise definition of the target will also be developed to search for a list of real potential clients.

With several years of experience in prospecting, we know how to get the decision-makers to listen to us, to deliver the sales pitch and to follow up with a discussion aimed at making a quality appointment. Because with us, we don’t burn leads!

A team of two resources per campaign ensures its continuity. This team will follow the client throughout the campaign to ensure that the know-how is always growing. This eliminates the danger of losing knowledge. We therefore take over the entire risk management on this side!


The needs of companies change at different times of the year. Sales workloads also change from month to month. A business development specialist from outside an organization offers flexibility according to the client’s demands. At Direct B2B, we constantly adjust our prospecting efforts to the capacity of each client.

You need less prospecting for a few months? We adapt! Do you want to make a big splash? We adapt too! In a changing industry, you need to have a flexible option. This is one more reason why hiring a salesperson is not an optimal choice for SMEs.

The economy

From the outset, a sales development company is efficient and the time spent on your campaign is maximized. Setting up a client account is done quickly and in collaboration with the president (during the first day). Once the study of the company, what has been done before, and the development of the game plan are done, we can start prospecting. After a week, we are working optimally and have made all the necessary adjustments to move in the right direction.

This is a great saving of time (and money!) for organisations, if you compare it to hiring an employee. By the way, only the time spent prospecting is billable.

Multiply the company’s sales with an external resource!

In all cases, our mandate is to help SMEs increase their sales. We find quality prospects, take the first steps and then schedule a meeting between them and the company’s management. As the president of your company, we consider you to be the best salesperson. We help you maximize your sales effectiveness by providing you with qualified leads in as much detail as possible. You only get involved when you bring real value to the process. The sale!

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