Why telemarketing these days?

Is telephone business development still effective today?
Are there still companies that find customers by staying on the phone all day? Isn’t this an old-fashioned sales technique?

92% of B2B customer interactions happen… on the phone (source: Salesforces). And they don’t just happen during the purchase phase, but throughout the sales funnel, from consideration to retention. And it makes sense! People who buy products and services from another company buy complex products. The telephone remains the best direct means of communication for obtaining clear and precise information.

What is telemarketing

Telemarketing is a type of communication that uses the telephone to inform and maintain business relationships. Call centres manage this service, which can include anything from promoting products to arranging appointment

Why do telemarketing?

It is a great tool to integrate with your other marketing activities. It is essential for optimising prospecting campaigns and setting up market research or telephone surveys to find out exactly what your customers need!

The advantages of telemarketing

Time saving

The telemarketing services we provide will save you time and money. You can deal with a large number of enquiries in a short period of time, which means that our customers are satisfied with their telephone experience! The major benefit is that you can reach more prospects than ever before – no matter where they are in your country or the world.

In order to avoid long journeys between speakers, it is best for people to use this tactic instead.


With phone calls, sales representatives can save on travel costs. The price of this service varies depending on the telemarketing agency you choose, but it also depends on the tasks they are given in order to reach your prospects properly and efficiently. The cost of a sales call is ten times higher than that of a telemarketing session with actions.

A direct link

Unlike other more automated communication channels such as e-mailing, telemarketing establishes a direct and personal contact between the trader (prospect) and his services. A radio or TV advert does not give you the confidence that your target audience will actually hear it – and if they do, it can mean a loss of business! Telemarketers have an instant connection with their target. In addition, talking makes it easier to share emotions, so the representative is better able to judge how the potential customer feels about the product.

A larger sales area

With the help of a telephone, you can reach potential customers in any part of your territory. In this way, the number of new customers and contracts with them can be increased considerably!

Measurable activity

You can measure the success of your telemarketing campaign immediately and easily. This makes it a great way to quickly solve any sales, leads or conversions on an ongoing basis, without anyone having to guess what works best!

An effective channel

The telephone is a powerful tool for connecting with prospects almost instantly. This means you’ll never miss an opportunity again! In addition, the average return rate of emails compared to phone calls has been estimated at 1% versus 10%.

The benefits of doing telemarketing in-house:

Improved brand image with better knowledge of the company

Loyalty is facilitated as customers prefer to have direct contact.

The advantages of external telemarketing:

We have highly qualified personnel, specially trained in telemarketing. This person can be assigned to different cases on an individual basis and will be able to act according to your needs and wishes. It is not always easy for a company to find competent telemarketing personnel.

The company that offloads this function saves time and money for years to come.

The use of multilingual services in a call centre is an advantage for clients who want to expand their customer base and offer more products. Professional handling skills can also contribute to cross-selling opportunities!


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